Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Death Match Winner

Congratulations to Amanda Heroman, and her winning story Cold Beauty!  Thanks to all of our contestants.  Stay tuned for the next YA Flash Death Match, in November!  Get your story ideas working now!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

October YA Flash Death Match! Voting is Open!

The time has come to read and vote for your favorites!  We have three stories for the month of October, three scary tales for your Halloween delight!

Be sure to read and comment, either on this page or on their pages in order for your vote to be counted.  The deadline for votes is Monday, October 25th at noon!  The winner will be invited to be in the YA Flash Death Match Anthology and get a nifty blog award!  Happy Haunting!

Cold Beauty by Amanda Heroman

Eyes in the Graveyard by Jack Sorenson

When Eibhlin was young lady she was held hostage in an old dark graveyard of Dusk Springs Wyoming, drawing a deep breath of the chilly autumn air to calm herself striving at one more attempted to chase the ghost with the key. She had been unable to leave the graveyard because of a ghost that will not allowed the gates to re-open. The ghost of the graveyard has kept Eibhlin as his hostage. She is angry for she asks the ghost for many months for the key he has held from her. Eibhlin spent time trying to out fox this ghost with common sense to playful games. This is Eibhlin's story.

The Vurugu by Samantha Rill

I walked the streets with confidence. Two nights ago, the Vurugu claimed twelve innocent lives. The murders wouldn’t stop until the Ambassador gave in to their claims, claims they began screaming for two years ago. Every six days, twelve civilians would be killed unless the Ambassador stepped down, allowing the Vurugu to rule.

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Death Match - Halloween Theme!

For October's Death Match (still a Brawl for All!), I've decided to set the theme myself.  Because I can, hehe.  Well, really, because October is my favorite month AND Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, I wanted to challenge you to write the scariest YA Flash you can write this month!  Fill your story with all the vampires, ghosts, goblins, and demons you can think of!  The rules will stay the same (please read if you have not already here).

Here are the important dates for October:

Post/Email me your story/link (YA flash, 1000 words or less, info in the Details and Rules section) no later than Sunday, October 17th at noon, CST.  

*Please don't post your story prior to the October 17th date...if you do, I can't count any votes outside of the voting period!*

I'll post the stories on Monday, October 18th, voting is open from Monday, October 18th - Monday, October 25th at noon, CST.  Tell your friends, family, and readers to check out the stories and vote for their favorite!  

I will announce the winner on Wednesday, October 27th.  The winner gets an awesome blog award and an invitation to join the YA Flash Death Flash Anthology ebook.

I look forward to some awesome stories!