Details & Rules

YA Flash Death Match is now a Brawl for All.  Once a month, writers will suggest topics and one will be chosen and posted.  Writers will then have one week to write a piece of flash fiction, 1,000 words or less, for a YA audience.  The contest is now open to EVERYONE who wants to participate.  You might be up against 5 other writers or 20!  You do not need to provide a story idea to participate.  But try to do so when you think of something good!

There are two ways to enter your story:

-If you have a personal blog, post the story there and email me at ( the title and the link.  Be sure to write (FLASH LINK) in the subject.

-If you don't have a personal blog, email me at ( the entire story and I will post it here.  Be sure to write (FLASH STORY) in the subject.

Once the stories are posted, anyone can vote, once, for the best flash. The story with the most comments is the big winner! Anonymous voters will NOT be counted.  You can compete every month if you like.  There will be no limits.

The winner will receive an invitation to be published in the YA Flash Death Match Anthology, to be published in ebook format after we complete one year of competitions.  The anthology will contain the winners from July 2010 - June 2011.  We will also choose some of our favorites from throughout the year to round out the anthology.  

*To be eligible to make a topic suggestion or participate as a YA Flash Death Match contestant, one must follow this blog in addition to following Karly Kirkpatrick and Michelle Sussman on either Facebook, Twitter, or our personal blogs: