Monday, September 13, 2010

Game ON! Get Writing!

 Thanks to J.L. Jackson for coming up with this month's story idea!

You should now write 1,000 words or less on "CAMPING TRIP GONE WRONG."  Make sure it's for a YA audience!

 There are two ways to enter your story:

-If you have a personal blog, post the story there and email at ( me the title and the link. Be sure to write (FLASH LINK) in the subject.

-If you don't have a personal blog, email me at ( the entire story and I will post it here. Be sure to write (FLASH STORY) in the subject.

*To be eligible to participate as a YA Flash Death Match contestant, one must follow this blog in addition to following Karly Kirkpatrick and Michelle Sussman on either Facebook, Twitter, or our personal blogs. See the Details and Rules page for links! These rules will also be posted there for future reference.

stories/links are due to me no later than Sunday, September 19th at noon CST.

Voting will take place starting Monday, September 20th through Sunday, September 26th.


Theresa Milstein said...

I have the BEST camping trip gone wrong story. I have to enter!

Karly Kirkpatrick said...

Awesome Theresa! I look forward to reading it!

Amanda said...

Count me in. I already have something percolating in my brain.

Karly Kirkpatrick said...

Fantastic Amanda! Glad to see we've got a match! Hope it turns into a big ol' battle!

J. L. Jackson said...

Ok, I sent you a link to mine. I wish I could have done a comedy of some kind, but my target audience seemed to prefer something a little different.