Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Read and Vote for November's NaNo Death Match!

Okay everybody, National Novel Writing Month is well underway, and most of you, if you have not run out of time (like me), energy, or plot, you're probably still typity typing away.  Time to take a quick coffee break and read some of what your fellow NaNoers have to offer. 

This month, in honor of NaNoWriMo, our contestants will be competing with the first (roughly) 1,000 words of their YA NaNo piece.  These are raw and unedited, so be kind!  Read on and see which one grabs you!  Be sure to leave a comment and vote no later than Wednesday, November 24th at Noon CST. 

After I stuff myself with turkey on Thursday, I'll count up the votes for a Friday announcement of the winner!  You'll probably just be getting back from the Black Friday sales, so be sure to check in!

This month, we have three great contributors:

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