Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get to know the contestants: G.P. Ching

G.P. Ching is our second contestant for the July YA Flash Death Match!  Get to know her and stop by Wednesday to read her entry and vote vote vote!  There will be some prizes for voters as well!

G.P. Ching's past professions include ice skating instructor, flower salesperson, accountant, systems analyst, business architect, portfolio manager, and registered nurse.  Today, she's a writer who's work has appeared in Muse Literary Journal, Flashquake, Everyday Fiction and Western New York Family Magazines.  Muse granted her the Spring 2010 Award for Short Fiction.  She is currently seeking representation for her first YA novel titled "The Soulkeepers".  G.P. Ching lives in Bloomington, IL with her husband and two children.

Check out G.P. Ching's blog at:  http://genevieveching.blogspot.com

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