Monday, July 26, 2010

Winners for the First Death Match

Congrats to G.P. Ching - Winner of the First YA Flash Death Match!

As our grand prize winner, G.P. will receive a signed copy of Thief by Sarah-Jane LeHoux and a YA Flash Death Match blog award!!! She will also receive a critique of the first five pages of a manuscript and query letter! Congrats G.P.!

Our runner-up, James C. Wallace II, will receive a signed copy of Panthan's Crucible by Meredith Shea Woods. Congrats James!

We also have three lucky winners for a Mistwood prize pack. Our randomly chosen winners are:

All the winners need to contact Karly for information on how to receive their prizes!

Thanks again to everyone for participating and we'll be posting the schedule for the August edition of YA Flash Death Match this week!


J. L. Jackson said...

Congrats to both contestants! This is a very exciting competition.

James C. Wallace II said...

I offer my heartiest congratulations to Ms. Ching for a well-fought Death Match. I do believe the better author won, although I would invite her into my realm of Oz for a rematch!
Otherwise, let the next battle begin...