Friday, June 25, 2010

Gift Card Winner: Kathy Fenton White

Kathy Fenton White

Who is Kathy Fenton White?

First and foremost I am devoted active duty military wife living in Texas with my wonderful husband of 20 years and three great kids. In a previous life (before kids), I was a graphic designer and marketing professional. I now enjoy my role as a busy stay-at-home mom running my kids to soccer and basketball games.

Last, but certainly not least, I'm an aspiring YA novelist. I've always had a dream to someday write a book. But that always seemed like just a dream until recently. The idea for a book came to me last year out of the blue. I started writing....and now I can't stop.

I have a notebook full of ideas for new stories that I update weekly (sometimes daily) as they pop in my head. My WIP that I finished in early December desperately needs to be edited but I can't get this idea out of my head for a whole new story. guessed it, I'm currently writing the new story.

Watch for me someday on a bookshelf near you. Until then, you can check out my progress at or find me on Twitter at @kfentonwhite.

Congrats to Kathy!! And, because I feel a need for full disclosure, I know Kathy in real life (imagine that!). She is my sister's best friend and has been since I can remember. I'm just glad she's allowing me to tag along on her writing journey!

Next week we'll be featuring the authors who are donating prizes to our contest starting next month!!!!


Karly Kirkpatrick said...

Congrats Kathy! Hope you find a great book for your summer reading!

Kathy Fenton White said...

Thanks Michelle & Karly! I love your new website and can't wait to go shopping for a book!!!